Tonight’s episode is a trip: We’ll take off from the streets of Boston, wake-up in Israel, and end up in LA. The whole time, we’ll ensure that you have a quality soundtrack to keep you going. Andy Grammer

Our guest is Andy Grammer. We played on of his songs (Touch) on the last show. Andy’s music could most closely be compared to John Mayer or Jack Johnson; though he is in the same vein, he definately stands out with his own unique style. We talked about the future of the music industry, songwriting, and surviving in LA.

We also have two new artists for you. The first is Badi. He’s a rapper from Boston who has been working with Jon Rezin at NextMovement records to create hip hop that works on the radio or in the club, but still has a little something a little deeper going on.

We follow-up with music from the Dawnbreaker Collective. The collective is 17 musicians from LA who are at the top of their game. Their styles range from Hip-Hop to Accoustic, and everything in between. It was hard to pick one track to play…they all are really solid. Look for more of their music in coming shows…

This podcast also contains background music by Kevin MacLeod ( Comfortable Mystery