Listen:Aaron Emmel's Book

Summer is drawing to a close here in DC. The heat is finally starting to taper off a bit, and everyone just seems a little more chilled out. Its in this spirit that we present show number 8.

Our artists this evening both hail from LA. Their music is the perfect fit for your end of summer soundtrack.

Our first artist is Ferraby Lionheart. Ferraby’s style is a unique type of pop along the lines of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. He has been generating some major buzz this year. Spin Magazine listed him as an artist to watch and he is releasing his major label debut, Catch The Brass Ring, on September 4th.

Oh, did also I mention he also was on the Late Late Show on CBS this week?

Next up is Andy Grammer. I think he embodies what California would sound like if it were a song: Sunny, Upbeat, and exciting. Those of you lucky enough to live in LA can catch him doing gigs all around the city. He is one hardworking guy, constantly putting his music out there. I have no doubt you will hear more about him in the future…his music is that good.

Our interview is with Aaron Emmel. He is the first author we’ve had on the show. His new book, Taking Action in a Changing World is a manual for how to start your own development project. For those of us wanting to change the world, Aaron has done the groundwork to help us understand what makes these projects successful. This is not just another book about development…Aaron has taken insights from his faith (the Baha’i Faith) and shown how a spiritual approach to development can allow projects to be more successful. His approach to development looks at the nobility of the human spirit, and focuses on a principle called consultation.

We are still working on the other live broadcasts from INRS. We will be sure to post those up as soon as they are ready!

This podcast also contains background music by Kevin MacLeod ( Acid Jazz.