Hard to Believe, but NLR is close to celebrating its 1 year anniversary already. To celebrate, we have a new show, and a Laura Harleycommitment to posting more often.

Our guest is Laura Harley, an old NLR favorite. Laura is an accomplished musician from Minneapolis who released an excellent solo album this year. Her music blends rock, pop, and electronica to create a beautiful sound with some truly soul-stirring lyrics.

As always, we have new artists and music. Our first artist, Kelsey Bulkin, was featured on our last show with her song, Soldier of Light. Her newest song, Rosemary, has a more indy-alternative sound. This song has been in heavy rotation on the MP3 player ever since I first heard it.

Finally, we have music from Katherine Key. Katherine is an artist I met here in DC. She has put out an amazing album (Intone) which spans from Latin jazz to downtempo and everything in between. Her song “Trees of my Garden” has it all: spiritual lyrics and some incredible production.

Music played during the Laura Harley interview (in order, unannounced): Sharpshooter (from her previous band Sliver), Shine, Sing Out Loud, Stars Light.

This podcast also contains background music by Kevin MacLeod ( Acid Jazz, Highlight Reel.