Volume two is here. It’s pretty amazing to think that two months have already passed since the last episode. 

Our guest for this episode is Sabzi, a DJ/Producer from Seatle, WA.  If you’ve listened to our show before, you have already heard his work with Common Market.  He produces for two MCs: Ra Scion (of Common Market) and GeoLogic (Blue Scholars), and works hard DJing in various clubs across the US.  We talk about his background, and how music can be rooted in a social movement for change.  His answer to the Next Level question is worth the price of admission alone.

We also have some new music for you.  Laura Harley is an accomplished singer songwriter from Minneapolis, MN.  I first heard Laura’s voice when she was part of a band called Sliver,which was big in Minneapolis.  She has since moved on from Sliver and is now doing  a beautiful type of downtempo electronica.  Laura says her goal is,”to create music to soothe the wounds of modern life.”  

Finally, by popular request, we have another track from Zahyia. 

Tracks Played during the interview (unannounced):No Rest For the Weary by Blue Scholars (audio excerpt for intro),Succor MCs by Common Market, Talk Story by Blue Scholars